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About Sapo Blue
Enabling your business to grow efficiently and effectively

Small businesses struggle to budget their IT operation and often spend inefficiently with a less than great return on their investment. At Sapo Blue we understand this, we deliver a minimum 30% reduction on IT overheads as a dedicated outside IT department for our clients. If you’re a small business, our unlimited 24×7 support, both on and offsite increases your business productivity and capacity, enabling your business to grow efficiently and effectively – we’re here for growing small businesses.

What we do

We are your
IT Department as a Service

Our knowledge and expertise spans information communications technology, corporate advisory and of course, technology. Together, we’re dedicated to delivering what you need efficiently and effectively, at the right size and the right cost.

We manage Everything – All of your in-house information technology and management of external vendors while delivering cost benefits and peace of mind.

Combining over 2,000 resources on our helpdesk, a network operations centre and a security operations centre, we are geared to supporting our customers every step of the way.

Our team on the ground have a vested interest in your future and the Sapo Blue brand, building strength with our core values: Integrity, Professionalism, Passion, Accountability, Service, and Teamwork.

Founded in

Expanding in 2024

Founded in 2007, we initially started servicing businesses in and around the Sydney CBD, and starting in 2024 we’re expanding to the Western Sydney Airport area with our new brand: Airport IT Services.


Airport IT Services

More information will be revealed early 2024